What is Rowing?

Rowing is an old sport, developed on the River Thames in England during the Eighteenth Century, and it is an Olympic Sport with representation in all of the Games of the modern era.

Rowing boats are the fastest muscle-powered craft on the water and are not to be confused with canoes, dragon boats, surf boats etc.

Why Row?

  • It's an an excellent way to get out and stay fit, involving a unique combination of load-bearing and aerobic exercise
  • It's the purest team sport you will ever encounter
  • In some sports, it's possible for one team member to have a good event and for a colleague to have a bad performance in the same event - not in rowing!
  • Where do you think we get the expressions 'all in the same boat' or 'all pull together'?
  • Because it is FUN!

What do we Offer?

Why a Learn to Row Program?

Essendon Rowing Club offers a variety of coached learning opportunities designed to assist participants in gaining the required skills to join the club and have fun rowing.

New rowers can attend the Learn2Row program and continue on through the Development program to join the club.

Essendon Rowing Club encourages participants of the Learn2Row and Development programs to join the club.