Spectator Viewing

Key vantage points that spectators may view the racing from are suggested below.  Many of these are also referenced on the SWC course map.

  • The excellent facilities of the Essendon Rowing Club bar and function area overlooking the river at the end of the course. We'll also be screening photos and video of the event.
  • Tea Gardens Reserve at Canning Street - to view the start. Ample provision exists for car parking. Melway ref. Map 27 G8.
  • Lily Street Park Viewing Area.  Car parking is available. Melway ref. Map 27 J4. 
  • Riverside Park. Melway ref. Map 28 B7.
  • Afton Street footbridge. Melway ref. Map 28 A6.
  • Any of the other parks and pathways on either side of the river